How to Arrange Your Supermarket Flowers Like a Pro

Maybe you forgot to order flowers for a special occasion. Or maybe you just want to exercise new creative abilities. In either case, these tips from florist and TikTok celebrity Alexander Campbell will help you choose and arrange your grocery store flowers so they look like you bought them from a florist.

  1. Choose your color palette
Left: warm colors; middle: cool colors; right: a single color with different shades

Think about what colors the recipient likes. If you need help deciding on a “color story,” Campbell recommends sticking to a palette of warm or cool colors, or various shades of the same color — such as light purple to dark purple.

2. Go shopping!

Look for one or two different textures of greenery and three to four flowers on a color palette.

  • a filling flower (we chose chrysanthemums)
  • A flower with a certain height (here, we used a lily)
  • The “star” flower (for us, an opal) that really grabs your attention.
  • A more delicate or complex flower (berry).
  1. Look for healthy flowers

In the store, inspect the flowers to make sure the stems are green and the petals are firm.

Pro tip: Look for a combination of buds and already blooming flowers to give your bouquet a longer lifespan.

  1. Prepare your plants

Cut the flowering stems at a 45-degree angle and remove the leaves below the waterline in the vase.

  1. Build your bouquet

Put your vase on a beanbag so you can rotate it while you work. Add each item in this order.

  • Start with green plants
  • then add your filler flower
  • Next, add tall flowers to create a high point
  • Then add the “star” flowers you’re really interested in.
  • Finish your arrangement with delicate flowers.
  1. Create Layers and Balance

Make sure your bouquet has different levels of height and that it feels full and balanced. Look at your arrangement from different angles and sides to see if you have anything to adjust.

7. Make someone’s day! (And make sure they care for your creation)

Send your bouquets to your loved ones. It will make more sense because it is arranged by you!

Campbell recommends adding pollen to the water and changing the water every day or every other day to prolong the life of your bouquet.

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