22 Tips for 2022: Start and Stick to a New Habit

To build a new habit that really sticks, make sure you have fun.

Say you want to start a fitness routine. Just ask yourself. What’s the funniest thing I can do at the gym? Maybe Zumba; maybe spinning in circles while watching TV — whatever you think is fun.

“That’s what happened,” said behavioral scientist Katie Milkman. “People who choose a fun way to pursue their goals stick with it longer because they like it. So maybe you don’t get as much from each workout…but they’ll come back.”

Milkman says this interesting approach, which she calls the “Mary-Poppins effect,” works for many different kinds of habits — study habits, exercise, healthy eating.

“We know what’s going on with the kids,” she said. “It has to be fun or they won’t do the chores. They won’t do what we ask them to do. We think the same way as kids.”

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