22 Tips for 2022: Cut Your Expenses by Choosing What Brings You Lasting Happiness

We’ve all done it: Grab that candy bar at the grocery checkout, do another Amazon purchase at midnight, commit to that coveted pair of bracers, because this summer, you’re definitely going to be using those roller skates .

But before you hit the “buy” button for your next impulse buy, ask yourself. do i want it? do i like it? do i need it? do i love it?

“Likes are short-term pleasures. That means in less than a year, I’ll forget about it,” says personal finance expert Tiffany Aliche, also known as a budget guru. “The need is just instant gratification, and even after a day, I’m not interested in it anymore.”

Aliche wants to make sure that what she’s buying is a form of love — it will lead to lasting joy.

Sound familiar right? We’ve all bought something we wanted — whether it’s a bright purple sequined T-shirt, a literary tote at a concert, or the roller skates that are now dusty in our closet. Research from 2019 shows that the average American spends nearly $18,000 a year on non-essential items. And nearly one in five said they are spending more now than they did before the pandemic.

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